Prepositions of Time

In, at, on and no preposition with time words:

Prepositions of time – here’s a list of the time words that need ‘on‘, ‘in‘, ‘at‘ and some that don’t need any preposition. Be careful – many students of English use ‘on‘ with months (it should be ‘in‘), or put a preposition before ‘next’ when we don’t need one.


  • times : at 8 pm, at midnight, at 6:30
  • holiday periods: at Christmas, at Easter
  • at night
  • at the weekend
  • at lunchtime, at dinnertime, at breakfast time
  • days : on Monday, on my birthday, on Christmas Day
  • days + morning / afternoon / evening / night:   on Tuesday morning
  • dates: on the 20th of June
  • years: in 1980 , in 2020
  • months: in December , in June
  • decades : in the sixties , in the 1790s
  • centuries : in the 19th century
  • seasons : in winter , in summer
  • in the morning , in the afternoon , in the evening
  • next week, year, month etc
  • last night, year etc
  • this morning, month etc
  • every day, night, years etc
  • today, tomorrow, yesterday