Listening A2- lesson 22

  Listening Skill – A2 – Lesson 22

.Listen up without looking at the transcript


Jim and his sister were walking home from school.”How was school?”Jim asked.”It was nice,”said Jim’s sister.Her name was Nancy.Nancy was seven.She had black hair.Her hair was short and straight.She also had braces.Jim forgot to bring an umbrella for Nancy.Jim and Nancy huddled together under Jim’s umbrella.The rain fell lightly.”Let’s hurry,”Jim said.Jim and Nancy walked faster.Jim stepped on a puddle.The water splashed.Nancy’s pants got wet.”I’m sorry,”Jim said.”It’s okay,”said Nancy.It started raining more.They soon arrived home.Lightning struck across the sky.It sounded loud.They were safe inside.Nancy’s clothes were wet.She changed her clothes.Jim did the same.Nancy looked out the window.It was raining hard.She was glad to be inside.Jim felt the same

.Answer the sections below

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