Listening A two – lesson nineteen

  Listening Skill – A2 – Lesson 1965 listen

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It was a hot day.the sun was shining in the sky.the air was was a Sunday afternoon.Jane was thirsty.she went to the kitchen to get a drink.she opened her refrigerator.there was nothing to drink inside.Jane grabbed some lemons and a big pitcher.she cut the lemons in two.she filled the large pitcher with water.she squeezed the lemons into the pitcher of waters.she opened her cabinet to get a sugar.she poured some sugar into the pitcher of water and lemon juice.she had made lemonade.she took a sip of the needed more sugar.she grabbed the bag of sugar and poured a little more.she took another sip.the lemonade tasted sweet.all it needed now was ice.she opened the refrigerator to grab some ice.there was no ice

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