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Grammar Summary

The Present Progressive

We use the Present Progressive to talk about things that are going on right now, at the moment of speaking

We use the verb be (am , is or are) and add -ing to the base form of the verb (V)



Remember! The Present Progressive has two parts

We need both parts (am/is/are + Ving) to say something in the Present Progressive

Spelling with –ing

In verbs that end in e, we drop the e and add -ing

For example: shine → shining / The sun is shining

In short verbs (one syllable verbs) that end in consonant- one vowel- consonant combinations, we double the last consonant and add -ing. We don’t double the letters w, x, y

For example: run → running / Moby is running

sit → sitting / I am sitting

Reading and Writing

You can write the letter a in two ways: a or a


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