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Grammar Summary



Be (Negative)

Be (am, is, are) in the negative is made by adding not to the verb

For example: It is not a bird

It’s not a bird

The verb and not can form one word by dropping the o in not

For example: It isn’t a bird

You aren’t tall

The pronoun it refers to a noun that is a thing or an animal

For example: a hat, a flower, a cat, a dog


Capital Letters ( B, E, N, H, P, T… )

We use capital letters to begin the names of people, places, days, months, and languages

For example: Ben, Moby, Ed, Nikki, New York, London, English

We also use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence

For example: A telephone isn’t a flower. It’s a phone

?What’s wrong? Are you ok

We always use a capital letter for the pronoun I

For example: Hi, I am Ben. I‘m a boy. I‘m not a robot

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