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Grammar Summary


Be (Questions)

:There are two kinds of questions

A Yes/No question: A question that may be answered by yes or no ♦

?For example: Is he happy

Yes, he is. / No, he isn’t

When asking a question with be, the verb be comes before the subject (who or what the sentence is about)

?For example: Are you a flower? Is she fine

A Wh- question: A question that asks for information by using a question word

?For example: Where is it

The rabbit is in the hat

The question word always comes before the verb be (am, is, are)
?Wh- questions start with: What? Who? Where? When? Why? How

?For example: What is it? What are they

?Where am I? Where are you
?Why am I here? Why isn’t she happy
?When is it? When isn’t Moby hungry
?How are you? How is Ben

When the question word is who, who is the subject

?For example: Who is tall

?Who is he

   (?)Question Mark

(?)All questions end with a question mark

?For example: Moby, where are you

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