Grammar Summary A-One / Unit One – Lesson Four

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Grammar Summary


Prepositions of Place

Prepositions of place help to tell where things are


For example: The rabbit is in the hat


For example: The rabbit is on the table


For example: The rabbit is under the table


For example: The rabbit is behind the table


For example: The rabbit is near the table



An adjective describes a noun. It tells us something about the noun. The adjective usually comes before the noun

For example: the large dog

the small cat

In sentences with the verb be (am / is / are), the adjective can come after the noun

For example: The dog is large

The cats are small

Adjectives don’t change in the plural

For example: the large dogs

The dogs are large

When there are a number of adjectives, the color adjective usually comes last

For example: the large black dog

the small white cats



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