Grammar Summary A-One / Unit One – Lesson Five

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Grammar Summary



A command is used to tell others what to do or to give them advice

We use the base form of the verb (the base form is the simplest form of the verb)

!For example: Run! Drink! Sit

The verb doesn’t change in the singular or the plural

!For example: Stop it, Moby

!Ed and Nikki, be careful

The negative command tells others what not to do

We use do not or don’t for the negative imperative

!For example: Do not run

!Don’t sit

Let’s is used to make a suggestion or a request that includes the speaker

Let’s also takes the base form of the verb

For example: Let’s drink

Let’s go

(!)Exclamation Mark

( ! )At the end of a command, we usually write an exclamation mark

!For example: Stop! Jump

An exclamation mark can also be used to show a strong emotion

!For example: Oh! Great


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